Teachers Strike

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Teachers Strike

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Teachers are due to go on strike on Thursday for a 10% pay rise. They are claiming that they have to put in more hours to deal with coursework marking, preparation for lessons and exam marking etc etc…. So maybe this is a just demand, and in many cases it probably is. BUT!!

When they had all of the management of the school to deal with then maybe they would have an argument for the rise, as it is they need to get back to reality. Most of the teaching staff that I deal with are in departments teaching subjects that they have know knowledge in. Geography teachers taking ICT lessons. Maths teachers taking science lessons etc. All they do is download lesson plans and follow them, they do not have the actual experience in the subjects to pass on to the children they are supposed to be teaching. If they spent 3 years at Uni learning to be a Science teacher then surely that is what they should teach! As it is they study to be one thing and are suddenly qualified to teach everything!! Should they not even have a grounding in the subject that they are teaching? I sit in on classes quite often (mainly IT) and the teachers often make things up that are totally wrong and also show the kids the completely wrong way to go about things as they have not even the basic grounding in the subject. This has got to be wrong as the kids leave school and go to work or college and are told the way they’ve been taught is wrong yet they don’t believe it as it has been hammered in to them for the last 5 years. Should they not have some knowledge of the subject they teach??

What is not mentioned is all of the responsibilities that have been taken off their shoulders and placed on the support staff. In the last ten years or so the amount of support staff in some schools has gone from 1:10 to 1:1. These staff take the real increase in workload in while the teachers just have a change of duty. While losing one task they gain another, they aren’t working any harder just in a different way!! They forget the tasks they were doing and moan about the new ones, saying they are doing more work but in the end they are doing less.

Another problem with the teachers is that the longer you have been in the job, no matter how good you are at it, the more you get paid. This is wrong. I know of brilliant teachers that are on the lowest grades and do extra work in schools such as dinner duties for minimum wage,when rubbish teachers are getting nearly 50k/year for teaching between 4-8 hours/week for 38 weeks a year and little else. A lot of the work they should be doing is delegated to support workers!! Work it out, that’s a lot of money for the actual work put in.

I have the wage figures from a school to prove this. It includes a headmaster who gets over 70k and is as much use as a chocolate teapot!!

As things stand the general management is up to the support staff (which the teachers used to be responsible for), and in comparison to the megabucks the teachers get they are paid a fraction of the wage.

I’m sure there are plenty of brilliant teachers out there who do deserve a 10% rise but all the VAST majority deserve is a 50% cut and a kick up the ass while being dragged back to the real world.

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