US bailout

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US bailout

Post by philbell »

What do you think of the failed US bailout? Should it have gone through or not? One side listened to the voters and the other listened to the Bankers.

I can understand both arguments, and I am no expert in any area here, but surely if things continue without the bailout then the markets will crash, hence will pensions and housing and make things worse.

I have been asking for years why people are stupid enough to pay so much for houses and why banks let them. It has been so obvious that the market was going to hit a point where it would all fall through for the last 4 years, yet people were stupid enough to pay the prices asked and banks were even stupider to let them borrow money that was alwaysys going to end in negative equity!!!


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RE: US bailout

Post by DodgeFB »

I think it is just plain old "greed".

I agree with Dave Ramsey. The Common Sense Fix ... nAodj040Eg
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